Harvesting the Best Rail Talent, Processes and Products, Providing for a More Efficient and Safer Railway Environment.

Harvest Rail

At Harvest Rail, we specialise in harvesting the best rail talent, processes, and products to create a more efficient and safer railway environment. With our expertise and dedication, we strive to enhance the performance and reliability of the rail industry. From talent acquisition to process optimisation and innovative product offerings, we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our services.

Harvest Rail: Your Partner for Rail Excellence

Harvest rail comprises of a team of full time experts and a body of experts whom we call upon as needed, many of these being semi-retired engineers of high repute wanting a suitable work-life balance. Among the key full time employees are:

Richard Robertson

Managing Director Harvest Rail, Director & General Manager edilon)(sedra Australia

40 years industrial experience, the 20 of which in the Rail Industry. Richard has put together a team of passionate Rail Engineers who are top of their respective fields. A particular interest is the management of rail neutral, or stress free, temperature he has worked on projects in Finland, UK, Japan, Malaysia and Australia.

Richard has introduced a number of ground-breaking products to the market globally and has determined that Harvest Rail will continue to work with innovators to support products offering step change to the industry. One such product will be due for release during Quarter 3 2023.

Nigel Davis

Business Development Director

30+ years’ experience in the Rail industry, Nigel have worked in Track Renewals as a Project Engineer responsible for the planning and installation. Nigel also has over 15 years in track welding both in installation and welding management gaining technical expertise in both Alumino Thermic Welding and MMA/FCAW arc welding rail repair. Nigel has bought the very best welding processes & products from traditional rail and incorporated them into our groundbreaking Rail and Rail Bed repair services to the container port industry.

 Devoted and passionate about the railroad industry. 2nd generation railroader. Integration of the total rail systems (design, build, inspect, maintenance, testing, operating). Training, mentoring and coaching; engineering and program/ construction management roles in rail and transit projects working directly for railroads, transit agencies, contractors and consultancies. Employers and clients, throughout North America. Extensive field track experience in construction, integration, maintenance/ inspection, and emergency response.  

Michael Wright

Director of Track & Engineering

Devoted and passionate about the railroad industry. A 2nd generation railroader with 20 years plus experience of integration of the total rail systems (design, build, inspect, maintenance, testing, operating). Responsible for the maintenance, rehabilitation and construction of the Railroad Operations fixed plant to provide a safe, efficient and reliable plant for rail operations.

Michael provides engineering/development of fixed plant/FRA standards to ensure safe and efficient operation of lines. Directs and leads inspectors and supervises operating contractor employees involved with the engineering and maintenance of the infrastructure. Michael has a well-earned and highly regarded reputation in North America for keeping programs and projects on track and within budgets while exceeding expectations.

At Harvest Michael has continued to work on projects including the development and maintenance of standards for track, signals, bridges, and other fixed plant facilities to ensure safe and efficient operation of the rail. He develops improvement programs for the Engineering and Maintenance Department for Rail and monitors performance standards. Michael’s work includes a maintenance program for CWR installation and maintenance. 

Keith Lane

SFT/RNT Manager

Keith Lane came to the railroad industry in May 1998 with 23 years’ experience in the design, preparation, and execution of data collection projects in the environmental consulting and geophysical exploration fields.  He has, as an employee of Rail sciences Inc of Atlanta, Georgia (16 years) been an integral part of hundreds of technical studies involving train/track dynamics and evaluation of track Rail Neutral Temperature. Beginning in 2000, after being introduced to Verse testing as part of an independent railroad consulting group, he soon was tasked by the manufacturer of Verse machines with the calibration of VERSE® machines in the United States, Canada and Mexico/South America as well as training of new and existing VERSE® owners/operators in the United States, Canada and Mexico/South America. 

Keith has performed in excess of 4,000 Verse tests and has trained/certified approximately 200 other individuals in the Verse method in the USA, Mexico, Canada. Brazil, Colombia and United Kingdom. He currently is the sole approved Verse measurement contractor for The Union Pacific Railroad and as a founding member of Harvest Rail manages all things related to VERSE measuring, result interpretation and recommending appropriate actions and future management of RNT/SFT procedures.

Oliver Dolder

Managing Director, edilon)(sedra Group, & Executive Director, James Walker Group Board.

Oliver has 22 years’ experience in the rail infrastructure industry, including welding, track equipment, embedded rail systems, and noise & vibration solutions.  He was instrumental in the formation of Harvest Rail and setting of our objectives, key being support of our mission to harvest the best in talent, product and process. With an in-depth knowledge of welding and associated equipment he has been instrumental in support for the gantry rail repair developments.

Oliver has also had broad international exposure during his career, including strategic leadership, sales, commercial and operational experience across North America, Mexico, India, China and Europe.  Oliver has a Bachelor’s degree in economics from the Ohio State University and an MBA from Ashland University.

Mark Pittendrigh

Manager APAC

A friend to the industry Mark has 40+ years’ experience in the rail industry working in Australia and New Zealand. Working for the Pandrol Group he is highly regarded in the industry by customers and suppliers alike. He has industry leading skills in manufacturing processes, commercial management, freight logistic and shipping, contract negotiation and administration, project management and procurement, quality control and compliance, R&D for product development, testing and installation.

Mark initially worked as a draughtman in the manufacturing department at Pandrol before moving to the sales and marketing team several years later as a TA. From there for the next 40 years he served in various positions within Pandrol gaining extensive product and railway industry knowledge and developed skills that remain with him today

Passionate about rail and customer service Mark is a friend of the industry and there are few individuals in the region with his breadth of knowledge.  Harvest are delighted to have a person with his skills and experience on board.

Mauricio Carvalho

Mauricio Carvalho

Head of Track & Maintenance APAC Harvest Rail

Mauricio has been working for more than 25 years as Mechanical Engineer, with background in a variety of sectors from Construction, Aerospace, Heavy industry, Food to Railways. He also holds a MBA in Business Management and a Master in Railway Track Design and Maintenance at the University Castilla de La Mancha Ciudad Real – Spain.

During his last 15 years he dedicated especially to the Railways in South America and APAC regions in the role of Technical Manager at Pandrol, delivering projects to important customers like VALE, MRS, BHP, Rio Tinto, Sydney Light Rail, ARTC, QR and Kiwi Rail. Those projects and products include Rail Fastenings, Tram products, hydraulic machines for track maintenance, aluminothermic welds, rail stress relief devices, safety products and SFT Equipment. With the aim to support the customers to achieve their high level of expectations and be a partner.

In the area of Rail Stress Free Temperature, specialising in VERSE Equipment, Mauricio has the expertise to execute track measurements and deliver meaningful reports on the results. His knowledge was achieved in his last role supporting the APAC region, which has more than 70 VERSE units concentrated between Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

As a passionate Engineer and a Railway enthusiast, his goal is to contribute even more to improve the efficiency and safety of the Railway.

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