Track QA (QC/QV): Independent Process Management and Verification for Enhanced Quality Assurance

Improve track quality with independent process management and verification through Track QA (QC/QV). Our services ensure superior quality assurance, verification and asset management in track construction and maintenance projects.

Harvest Rail: Your Trusted Partner for Rail Industry Support and Assurance

In an industry facing a shortage of specialised staff, Harvest Rail offers a comprehensive range of capabilities and a team of experts to provide flexible services to the rail sector. We specialise in independent assurance, control, and verification of works, offering valuable advice, project management, and support.

Our focus on “Total Cost” economics creates value for both the railroad and our customers, ensuring the implementation of best practices. We excel in utilizing SQC/QA tools and possess the necessary expertise to meet the demands of the modern railway.

With Track Angel, we enable highly cost-effective and frequent checks to supplement track geometry runs. Our RIDER Comfort analysis and maintenance focus enhance safety and performance, improving the railroad’s public image.

By enabling the refocusing of limited crews and equipment to critical locations, we contribute to significant cost savings. This includes reducing downtime associated with equipment movement and the subsequent loss of productivity. Our highly experienced independent team constantly evaluates and modifies maintenance plans to optimise efficiency.

Experience better budget control, labor management, time optimisation, and increased savings on fuel costs with Harvest Rail. Unsure if we are the right fit for your project? Contact us for a free confidential discussion. We only accept work where we believe our expertise is best in class.

Track Angel: Cost-Effective Track Monitoring Solutions for the Railway Industry

Introducing Track Angel, a range of innovative products that provide the railway industry with a highly cost-effective approach to track condition monitoring. Our solutions include fixed on-board monitoring systems installed on rolling stock and passenger trains, as well as mobile Track Angel devices designed for infrastructure maintenance teams.

With our fixed on-board monitoring solutions, we enable continuous track condition monitoring during regular train operations. This real-time data collection helps identify potential issues and supports predictive maintenance planning.

Our mobile Track Angel solutions are specifically designed for infrastructure maintenance teams, allowing them to monitor local and regional territories more efficiently. By deploying these devices, maintenance teams gain valuable insights into track conditions, facilitating proactive and targeted maintenance work programming.

Choose Track Angel for comprehensive and cost-effective track monitoring, empowering your railway operations with enhanced maintenance practices and optimised performance.

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