Leading Experts in RNT/SFT Management: Measuring and improvement services by Harvest Rail

RNT/SFT Management

CWR Rail has always demanded meticulous management and maintenance, with utmost importance placed on maintaining a stress-free or neutral temperature of the rail to prevent Breaks and Buckles. The issue is further exacerbated by global warming, as previous extreme weather conditions are now occurring more frequently, leading to rising summer temperatures in general.

By mitigating the risk of breaks and buckles, customers can enjoy a safer and more cost-effective rail network. Whether it involves verifying the installation of new tracks or inspecting track areas prone to shifting SFT/RNT, Harvest Rail utilises VERSE equipment to determine the current level accurately.

Under the leadership of Keith Lane, a globally recognised authority in the use of VERSE, our team provides a swift, efficient, and crucially independent measurement service tailored to your specific requirements and timelines.

In addition to assessing Stress levels within the rail, our team offers valuable advice, including identifying areas for ongoing improvement, optimising maintenance routines and planning, recognising and managing hot spots, and implementing control procedures. All these solutions are developed according to client needs and resources, overseen by the world’s foremost experts in the field.

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