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Harvest Rail Launch our Sky Grinder to the Container Port Industry

Harvest Rail were pleased to show their patented Sky Grinder during the recent TOC event in Rotterdam in June. The grinder is key to the ground-breaking semi-automatic rail and rail bed repair process resulting in a step change of performance to the sector.

The sky grinder has been designed to operate in the difficult environment where gantry crane rail reside. Overcoming the tight available space the grinder is both able to grind ALL necessary faces of the rail after repair and deliver grinding to the rail bed/hinge joint significantly prolonging the life of crane rails and to a 0.2mm tolerance.

Faster rail and hinge joint repair, improved quality, longevity of repair and with a safer approved system of working.

Please contact us for more details.

Mauricio Carvalho

Head of Track & Maintenance APAC Harvest Rail

We are delighted to welcome Mauricio Carvalho to Harvest Rail. Mauricio is a world class Rail Engineer with over 15 years specific Rail experience, he will manage our activities in the APAC region