RailGuard – Where Rail Meets AI 

RailGuard from SYNAP IoT is a next generation monitoring solution for rail operators. It delivers near real-time mission critical information to help solve many of the key challenges that they face today.

The RailGuard device itself can be installed onto the rail in less than 5 minutes, delivering meaningful data immediately. It is fully portable at less than 5 KG in weight and once installed will send telemetry to our cloud-based solution immediately and seamlessly in over 180 countries.

You are within 5 minutes of a Safer, More Efficient and profitable Railway with less line downtime and associated impact to revenues. All allied to happier travelling customers.

Critical Rail Temperature & Much More! 

Measure the Rail and Ambient Temperature at Ground Level in Real Time!
Establish trend lines based on real-time and historic data allied to external inputs such as weather forecasts.
Monitor Rail Temperature increases under traffic along with cooling times between traffic passes.
Be accurate to within 0.5°

Superelevation, Tilt & Angle

Accurate, remote monitoring of Superelevation, Tilt and Angle in real-time.
Establish trendlines, set and send alerts according to customer defined thresholds.
Manage and protect worksites & vulnerable infrastructures.

Step Changes for the Railway

Reduce the impact and cost of speed restrictions.
AI trending will reduce unnecessary restrictions assist in removing blanket bans where practicable.
Minimize derailments through improved Critical Rail Temperature control and prediction.

Heat Management – Understand the effect of traffic on the rail and when temperatures will be in tolerance after traffic has passed.

Safer & More Efficient use of Resource
Vastly Reduce number of foot patrols, people in track
Make decisions possible earlier in the day – better planning of resource & making valuable skills available elsewhere on the network.

Helping to ensure regulatory compliance through better informed decision making and avoidance of rail condition related operational fines.

Partner with Harvest Rail for specialised rail solutions that drive improvements, increase efficiency and enhance the overall performance of your rail infrastructure.