Efficient, Safe, and Premium Semi-Automatic Rail Repair for Faster, Higher Quality, Improved Safety and Longevity of the Rail and Hinge Joint Repair.

Harvest Rail: Revolutionary Gantry Rail Repair with Sky Grinder

Harvest Rail introduces a ground-breaking process for repairing Gantry Rail, Hinge Joints and Rail Beds, offering unparalleled benefits. Our patented Sky Grinder technology ensures faster, safer, and higher-quality repairs, significantly reducing crane downtime.

Designed as a bespoke solution, the Sky Grinder enables advanced automation specifically tailored to the unique environment found at heights with crane rail. By combining robotic welding equipment with the Sky Grinder, we overcome space limitations, driving a remarkable transformation in productivity, quality, and safety for our valued customers.

After a decade of relentless development, the Harvest Rail SARR process sets a new industry standard for the Container Port Industry. But we don’t stop there. Stay tuned as we gear up to introduce Robotic Fault Detection in the coming months, further enhancing our comprehensive range of innovative solutions.

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